Larry Fitzgerald Sr. calls Dubay a drug-abusing felon, blasts 1500 ESPN for auditioning him

Fitz Sr. (right) on the possibility of Dubay's return to Twin Cities radio: "Crack air!"
Fitz Sr. (right) on the possibility of Dubay's return to Twin Cities radio: "Crack air!"

As we told you about yesterday, following nearly three years of crack abuse, former KFAN host Jeff Dubay says he's clean and is looking for a second chance on Twin Cities airwaves.

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But Larry Fitzgerald Sr., father of NFL superstar wide receiver and seemingly classy guy Larry Fitzgerald Jr., apparently doesn't believe in second chances for drug felons and isn't shy about expressing his opinion.

Fitz Sr., a longtime Twin Cities media personality and the current sports editor of the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, offered up this tweet yesterday afternoon:

The "Siemon" he refers to is Dan Seeman, VP of Hubbard Radio, owner of 1500 ESPN. Dubay has been filling in as co-host of 1500's morning radio show this week, and some think the stint could be an audition for a full-time gig.

Fitz Sr.'s tweet drew widespread criticism, including from MNGOP Representative and big-time sports fan John Kriesel:

This morning, Dubay himself replied:

:::: UPDATE ::::

-- 9:05 a.m. -- Dubay and Fitz Sr. seemed to bury the hatchet this morning:

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