Larry Fitzgerald Sr. and son at the Superbowl


In sports writing, any pretense of "objectivity" typically--and somewhat understandably--flies out the window. Beat reporters generally act as unofficial surrogates for the fans; consequently, the amount of deference paid by sports reporters to their subjects is unrivaled in any other sub-field of journalism, with the possible exception of the source-fellating, establishment-approved political journalism typically found within the bowels of the Beltway. (Take a bow, David Gregory!)

Not that there's anything particularly wrong or nefarous with this. (The author, it could be argued, is guilty of it himself).

For Larry Fitzgerald Sr. (no relation to F. Scott), longtime reporter for the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, the temptation to favorably gush over a particular team/player will prove especially difficult when he travels down to Tampa to cover his 28th Superbowl. In case the name didn't tip you off, his son is Larry Fitzgerald, star wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. (You know, the dude who's already broken Jerry Rice's record for most receiving yards in a postseason).

But Fitz tells ESPN's Rick Reilly that no favortism will be at play. Not externally, anyway. 

"I won't cheer," Fitzgerald says. "I'm going to stay objective. I've come too far to suddenly show up in the press box with pompoms. But if you could put a monitor on my insides, you'd find a whole fan club in there."

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