Larry Fiero can't keep his clothes on, so judge orders him to build a fence

Pursuing "a nudist lifestyle" led Larry Fiero to purchase a rural Meeker County property in 2014.

Pursuing "a nudist lifestyle" led Larry Fiero to purchase a rural Meeker County property in 2014.

Less is more and nothing is even better. That's Larry Fiero's credo. Freedom from clothes isn't just a lark on a random Saturday morning. It's Fiero's way of life.

The nudist's lifestyle carries liabilities, however. In addition to windburn and bug bites, Fiero's personal nakedness has become an issue when he lays it out for public consumption.

In 2012, Fiero was convicted of indecent exposure in Stearns County. His punishment was a year's probation, which came with conditions like no booze, porn, or drugs — and no nudity at home without closing the bath or bedroom doors. 

Two years later, he moved to Meeker County, buying a home in a small subdivision between Litchfield and Edenvale called Crow River Estates. About a dozen houses populate the lasso-shaped enclave along Highway 3, which runs in front of Fiero's home. 

So when he took to sunbathing and riding his lawnmower naked, locals wigged out. 

Go buck on your own property all you want, a Meeker County sheriff's deputy warned him, just as long as the rest of America can't see. Fiero told the deputy he “moved to a rural area so he could pursue a nudist lifestyle.” But he also agreed to do a better job about not exposing it to neighbors.    

But passion again would trump reason. Within a month, a barenaked Fiero had been seen taking out the garbage. The cops had enough.      

Though three indecency charges were dropped, Fiero was found guilty on one count of "willfully and lewdly exposing" his privates.  

His two-year probation includes a peculiar caveat: Fiero must install fencing or some other obstruction to shelter the world from his au natural practices.  

Fiero couldn't be reached for comment. His attorney Troy Scotting didn't respond to repeated messages.

According to one neighbor, who asked not to be named, an eight-foot fence currently girdles part of Fiero's property. 

"It does prevent those people who've complained from seeing into the property," she says. "I personally have never seen him naked outside. He's such a quiet guy who keeps to himself and it's just something he likes to do, I guess."