Larry Falter flogs jewelry in Second Coming of Christ sale [VIDEO]

Larry Falter says the end is near -- for high prices!
Larry Falter says the end is near -- for high prices!

According to Larry Falter, we should all be preparing for the Second Coming of Christ. Get baptized. Repent. Beware the great deception.

But the owner of LTD Jewelers in Superior, Wis., would add this to your pre-Armageddon to-do list: Get more ice than a super-size drink.

Falter has been running ads on a couple of Duluth TV stations for his "Second Coming Sale." The commercial depicts the final day of existence: A scorched and barren landscape belching fireballs -- not too far off from modern-day Wisconsin -- then cuts to Falter in his showroom.

"I believe we're really close to that day," he says. "Nonetheless, here and now, if you want jewelry I have access to millions."

Do not attempt to adjust your TV set. He is serious.

"I'm talking with people about Jesus Christ and talking to people about jewelry," he says. "We're finding that people are coming and doing a little of both."

Although Falter acknowledges that the gimmicky nature of the sale will likely boost his all-important fourth quarter holiday sales, he is sticking to his convictions. There is no end date for the sale -- it will naturally end when the world does. Fifty-percent off until the end of time.

"It could be as long as I can make it," he says.

According to Jack Van Impe, shoppers have until 2012.

Commercial below:

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