Larry Craig's favorite bathroom stall isn't cool anymore

A restroom can only draw a crowd for so long before people finally realize it's just a bathroom. The now infamous bathroom stall where Sen. Larry Craig was busted tapping his foot at his stall's next door neighbor, isn't quite as exciting to travelers, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport officials told the Spokesman Review

"I think we'll all be glad when there's no special interest in that restroom," said Patrick Hogan, director of public affairs for the Metropolitan Airports Commission. 

Craig was accused of soliciting sex in the bathroom in June 2007 and pleaded guilty later that summer. 

The bathroom was known as a popular destination for soliciting sex, but men trying to keep their hobby a secret learned quickly to avoid the spot. The airport was planning to lower the stall barriers to prevent sex signaling, but there's no need as the men have gone elsewhere. 

Tap away, folks, but keep your feet inside the stall. Wide stances don't fare well in Minnesota.

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