Larry Craig's appeal rejected for bathroom sex sting guilty plea

Another Minnesota court rejected an appeal by Sen. Larry Craig to overturn his guilty plea for our favorite gay sex sting at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport, according to the Star Tribune. 

Just give it up Craig! You tap, you lose.

More from the Star Tribune:
A three-judge panel allowed a ruling from Hennepin County District Judge Charles Porter to stand. Porter upheld a ruling from Judge Gary Larson after Craig mailed in his guilty plea to disorderly conduct in the summer of 2007. 
Craig's lawyer argued before the state Court of Appeals in September for the conviction to be tossed out for lack of evidence. The senator, an Idaho Republican, did not seek reelection in large part because of his arrest in a men's public restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport during a sex sting in June.
His attorney said the senator agreed to a plea at the time because "he was told if you pay a fine this will go away." When the incident became public, Craig flipped out to cover his tracks. 

What a perfect moment to recall our favorite Craig limericks. We are so happy to have so much public sex (attempted or completed) to be proud of. Our running list: MSP, the Metrodome, and the Minneapolis Hilton. There's something in the air here and we want some of it.