Larry Craig ends legal fight, accepts lifetime of bathroom sex jokes

Former Sen. Larry Craig will not pursue further legal action to have his bathroom sex sting conviction voided by the Minnesota Supreme Court, according to the Associated Press

While his lawyer claims they chose not to appeal again because the Minnesota Supreme Court isn't likely to review the case, we'd like to imagine that Craig has come to terms with his sexual desires and has decided to live with his decision to do a little too much foot tapping in the men's bathroom. Wide stances can only reach so far, my friends.

His attorney, Tom Kelly, concluded that the state Supreme Court wouldn't be willing to review the case any further. So why waste the time? 

Craig was arrested in 2007 when an undercover cop was conducting a sex sting operation in a Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport men's bathroom. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after his foot tapping went too far, but hoped no one would notice. When word got out, he changed his mind and hoped to chance his plea.

Craigslist, people. It's anonymous, fun and legal as long as you aren't paying for it.