Larry Craig airport bathroom sex still hilarious on the The Daily Show

Larry Craig airport bathroom sex still hilarious on the The Daily Show

Remember the greatest moment in Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport history? Who doesn't?! In 2007, then-Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho was arrested in the airport after soliciting sex in the men's bathroom with the infamous wide stance and foot tap. He pled guilty hoping it would make the incident disappear, but when reporters got a hold of the dirt, his solicitations went viral. The St. Paul Saints even made a "bobblefoot" doll for fans to celebrate.

Well, leave it to Craig to make a huge mistake and actually agree to go on The Daily Show for an interview.

Apparently there was an agreement not to talk about the airport bathroom sex, but that doesn't mean The Daily Show won't dance around the issue in the final tape. You're only tempting the show's producers to make a fool out of you for thinking they will somehow "forget" the only Craig story that viewers care about.

Craig manages to step right in the trap. When asked about the "perks" of being a senator, Craig reminisces about his time at airports. Did he really just bring that up on his own?

Check out The Daily Show clip below. Craig segment starts around 2:25.

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