Laquon Treadwell just won Take Your Daughter to Work Day [VIDEO]

Laquon and Madison Treadwell: Wide receiver, kiss-on-the-cheek receiver.

Laquon and Madison Treadwell: Wide receiver, kiss-on-the-cheek receiver.

Laquon Treadwell is big, fast, hard to tackle, and really good at catching footballs. Minnesotans will learn these things about Treadwell next fall, when the Vikings draft pick takes the field and starts running routes for Teddy Bridgewater.

This morning, let's focus on his daughter.

As NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the Vikings were taking Treadwell with the 23rd pick in the NFL Draft, cameras cut to the besuited young man. Treadwell seemed more relieved than anything: He'd expected to go much sooner in the picking process.

Everything's better when there's a happy little girl around, though. Treadwell's daughter, Madison, took cues from everyone else at his table, and clapped at the announcement of her dad's name. 

Her work wasn't done there. Treadwell brought his happy kid along for the ride as he made his way to the stage. Madison was not all that impressed with Goodell, who tried to play cool-guy, slap-me-five with her. 

"Move over, Riley Curry!" announcer Rich Eisen quipped, referring to the hugely popular, scene-stealing daughter of NBA superstar Stephen Curry. 

Madison Treadwell didn't have a whole lot to say last night, but did seem to take to the spotlight. 

<!—StartFragment—>When Goodell and Treadwell tried holding his Vikings jersey up in front of the girl, she stepped right around that. Please, fellas. Madison needs to make sure the people can see her. <!—EndFragment—>

If Madison Treadwell is the next beloved sports celebrity in Minnesota, we approve.