Landon Steele's anti-hipster, anti-Black Lives Matter rant goes viral

A scene from this year's Black Lives Matter protest at the State Fair

A scene from this year's Black Lives Matter protest at the State Fair

Landon Steele used to be just another innocuous bearded man who liked the eggs at Bryant-Lake Bowl.

That was until he walked out of the Uptown brunch joint, happened upon a sidewalk montage of chalk hearts encircling the names of people killed by police, and launched into a tirade about social justice warriors. A video of the rant has gone viral since it was posted to Facebook on Thursday.

I hope every cop in Minneapolis sees this. Samantha Belcourt feel free to share. Most cops do their jobs to save your life but at their expense. I hope all you Uptown hipster libs who don't fact check your shit see this. Soooo this happened this morning.

Posted by Landon Steele on Thursday, October 1, 2015
“Loved ones lost to police violence,” read the offending chalk graffiti.

“So this is all like ‘Fuck the man,’ and you know what, they’re probably right,” an enraged Steele said. “The cops are bullshit, they suck, all they do is run around fucking shooting people because that’s what cops like to do. You know, they got picked on in high school, that’s what they like to do.”

He immediately pulled out his phone and started looking up the criminal histories behind some of the names listed. He found that one man had been waving a knife when he was shot, while another had grabbed a gun off a cop. Someone else had stabbed a police K-9.

“You know what? It’s not always the cops’ fault. Sometimes the cops are just doing their fucking job," he said, before concluding his rant with a jab at impressionable hipsters. “And the people who walk down this fucking sidewalk, I guarantee you, with their skinny jeans and their bullshit, they’ll fucking believe that."

Deep breath. What’s wrong with skinny jeans, honestly?

While it’s true we could all be better at putting stories in context, these sidewalk hearts have been popping up around the Twin Cities because — regardless of what the dead may have done — they’ve all been somebody’s loved one, too. We wade into dangerous territory when we see a sidewalk chalk heart and automatically assign guilt to police. But we do the same when we assume every bullet fired from a cop's gun was deserved.

It's hard to tell exactly how long Steele's epic diatribe has been building up, but what he said certainly struck a nerve with more than 1.3 million viewers.