Landlords could be punished for underage tenants' drinking

In St. Paul, college students aren't the only ones who could face punishment for hosting underage drinking parties. It could also be a major pain in the ass for landlords.
State law already mandates that an adult who knowingly allows underage drinking in his or her house can be fined. But according to KSTP, more legislation is on next month's City Council docket, and it could punish landlords as well.

St. Paul may soon pass a social host ordinance that punishes adults who knowingly allow parties, where minors are drinking. That includes adults who aren't even there, including landlords.

"They bear some of the responsibility to ensure it doesn't continue," said St. Paul Council Member Russ Stark.

Sure, terrible things can happen in the wake of youngsters' boozy escapades. But making Joe Landlord play parent is probably not the best way to solve the problem.

What's next, the breweries? August A. Busch IV himself? Or perhaps they'll even consider banning booze from 18+ concerts. Oh wait--sorry--they're already trying.