Land of 6 million sandbags: Where do they go?


When your city faces a rising river, residents run on adrenaline for endless hours lining the river with sandbags to stop the flood. But what happens when the flood recedes and 6 million sandbags are left behind?

It's much harder to get people motivated to take care of the aftermath. The Army Corps of Engineers is taking down sandbag dikes in Fargo and Moorhead after a record-breaking flood hit the region. That comes to about 3.5 million sandbags in Fargo and 2.5 million in Moorhead. Fargo still has about three more weeks worth of sandbag removal ahead, but Moorhead is doing their final sweep.

Some residents took care of the sandbags on their own to speed up the return to normalcy by putting sandbags out on the street for pickup or dumping them at the landfill. Most of the sand will be reused unless it was contaminated.

Photo by USACEpublicaffairs, more photos on Flickr.