Lance Lundsten didn't die from heart condition

Lance Lundsten, the gay 18-year-old from Miltona who died on Saturday, didn't die from his heart condition, the Douglas County Medical examiner now says.

Lundsten's death made headlines nationwide earlier this week, after local television news reported that his death was likely a suicide, possibly brought on by homophobic bullying at his high school.

Yesterday ABC affiliate KSAX admitted that it jumped the gun in reporting Lundsten's death as a suicide, citing miscommunication with the Douglas County Sheriff's department. The Echo Press of Alexandria reported that Lundsten's family said they were told by the medical examiner that the death was caused by cardiac edema brought on by an enlarged heart.

That account is now being called into question by KSAX, which reports today that Douglas County Medical Examiner Dr. Mark Spanbauer says the enlarged heart was not the primary reason Lundsten died.

The cause of death won't be determined for several weeks, until toxicology tests come back from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehensions laboratory.

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