Lambeau Field gets crazy for Vikings and Bears games, is relatively tranquil for the Lions

Lambeau is comparatively tame when the Motor City Kitties come to town.
Lambeau is comparatively tame when the Motor City Kitties come to town.

In the wake of the last Sunday's Purple Sombrero Beatdown, the Green Bay Press Gazette put together a report looking at whether the incident will change how Green Bay-area police handle gamedays.

It won't, according to Eric Dunning, public safety director in the suburb of Ashwaubenon, who said: "We don't see this being a chronic issue or problem."

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But the interesting part of the report pertains to how crazy Lambeau gets when the Packers host their three respective NFC North rivals. In short, the prospect of mayhem is about equally high during Vikings and Bears games, while home games against the woebegone Lions are relatively peaceful affairs.

From the Press Gazette:

From 2005 to 2011, police reported averages of 10.3 arrests and 40 ejections when the Packers play the Vikings at home during the regular season, compared with 14 arrests and 33.7 ejections when the Bears visit. Police reported much lower averages of 5.1 arrests and 17.1 ejections for Lions games.

The Bears and Vikings numbers are much higher than the average of 5.5 arrests and 18.4 ejections police reported when the Packers played nondivisional opponents during regular-season home games from 2005 to 2011.

Post-game shenanigans aside, Sunday's game featured just two arrests and 15 ejections. Those numbers, along with the recent arrest/ejection figures from Lions games, suggest that for better or worse, bad football correlates with less drunken mayhem at Lambeau.

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