Lakeville locker-room photo scandal: 14-year-old allegedly given soda for nude pic

Last month, we told you about a locker-room photo scandal at Lakeville's Century Middle School, where dozens of students were suspended after an inappropriate cell phone photo of a student was widely shared.

Today, Dakota County prosecutors filed charges. Three students -- two boys and a girl -- were charged with gross misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to commit interference with privacy and criminal defamation. A fourth female student has been charged with a single gross misdemeanor count of interference with privacy.

Here's how the scandal went down, according to the charges:

Two male students -- one 13, another 14 --  had created a game in which they took photos of girls in the hallway and forwarded them to other students. But the boys apparently wanted to escalate the salaciousness a notch or four and asked the the girls, both 14-years-old, to give them photos and a video they had taken of two fellow females undressing in the locker room.

The girls used phones to snap images of the girls partially undressed from the waist down. They agreed to share them with the boys, with one of them receiving $5 for her effort and the other getting a can of soda. The boys then shared the photos and video with other students. In total, officials think more than 40 Century students saw the images.

Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom told FOX 9 that all four teens with be dealt with in juvenile court, adding that no further charges will be filed.

"No juvenile detention is expected as an outcome in any of these cases and it is anticipated that none of the juveniles charged in this case will be left with a permanent criminal record as a result of this prosecution," Backstrom said.

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