Lakers' objectively dope throwback Minneapolis jerseys: Just how dope are they? [POLL]

Damn, those are dope

Damn, those are dope Twitter

Way back in 1947, 27-year-old Sid Hartman helped launch the Minneapolis Lakers, the pro basketball team for which he'd serve as de facto GM ("Conflict of interest," said Hartman, who also covered the team for the Minneapolis Tribune, "wasn’t important then.")

Before relocating to Los Angeles in 1960, the Lakers established two undeniable facts: Star center George Mikan was a hoops god living among us, and the team's jerseys were dope. 

Privy to that latter fact is the 2017-'18 L.A. Lakers. The team announced Monday that its players will sport throwback MPLS jerseys for five games this season, beginning Wednesday against the Washington Wizards.

Which brings us to today's City Pages Poll!

Take a gander at those powder blue/mustard yellow beauties. Consider how dope they are. Ponder the shockingly high levels of dopeness, reflect on what they mean to you, and then try to articulate your findings via this poll: 

How dope are the Lakers' throwback MPLS jerseys?
So dope
Crazy dope
Dope AF
Diggity dope
Maximum dope
Dope City, U.S.A.
Sorta dope, I guess
Next-level dope
Dope-est in all the land
Quite dope!
Super dope
Survey Maker