Lake Superior's smokin'

WDIO Duluth

WDIO Duluth

Temperatures plummeted to -2 degrees this morning in Duluth, just 4 degrees shy of the record low for Nov. 12 set back in 1966. When that icy air met the (relatively) warm 47-degree waters of Lake Superior, the Great Lake went up in smoke. 

Here's time-lapse sea smoke footage captured between 6:30-7:45 a.m. by Duluth TV station WDIO:

To quote from 1994 Jim Carrey vehicle The Mask: smokin'! 

For some perspective on that towering sea smoke wall, consider the lengths of the two anchored ships featured in the clip — the Iryda (656 ft.) and the Ebroborg (453 ft.). The Aerial Lift Bridge, also visible, stands 135 feet tall.


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