Lake Superior and Mount St. Helens have Twitter beef, and it is fierce

Pictured: Lake Superior, and Mt. St. Helens mean-as-hell tweet about it.

Pictured: Lake Superior, and Mt. St. Helens mean-as-hell tweet about it. Steve Rice, Star Tribune

Should Donald Trump's administration continue to meddle with America's treasured natural landmarks, it should be warned.

Lake Superior has a Twitter account, as does Mount St. Helens. And if a recent beef between the two is any indication, they are not fucking around out here.

We should note that these are not social media accounts manned by communications professionals, conservation officers, or park rangers of some kind. Nah, man. That'd be lame.

This is the actual lake, and the actual mountain, going in on each other. It's like something out of Native American lore, if Native American lore had Twitter polls. 

Here's how this all started.






Whoa! Shots fired, as the tweeters say. If you have a Twitter account of your own, and want to take sides in the first major mountain vs. lake Twitter fight of 2018, vote in Mt. St. Helens poll, below.

Likely because the poll was posted by the mountain's account, the volcano is currently running away with this thing, 77 percent to 23 percent. Also, calling it "Lake (not so) Superior" makes it what the politicos would call a "push poll." We at City Pages have just cast our vote for Lake Superior, and invite you Lake Superior-adjacent people to join us. Trust us, this is a much easier, safer way to show the lake your affection than actually getting in that thing.

The other, more fun way to help the lake win this fight: Tweet something cool about Lake Superior, or snarky about Mt. St. Helens -- please, no 1980 eruption jokes; let's work to keep this fight ridiculous -- and @ one or both of these antagonists.

Because some of America's most awe-inspiring places are staging an all-out Twitter war, and we are all invited to take up arms (er, fingers), everyone wins. Well, almost everyone.