Lake Crystal Tribune goes big-time racist with black robots

Extra! Extra! Racist robot jokes here!

Extra! Extra! Racist robot jokes here!

Lake Crystal Minnesota, nestled in the rolling farmlands of Blue Earth county, is home to some 2,500 people, sparkling crystal lakes, and one of the most spectacularly racist newspaper editors you're likely to meet.

In a lighthearted column this month, Lake Crystal Tribune Editor Don Marben wrote a delightful anecdote about a golf course that replaced it's caddies with robots, only to find that their metal surfaces reflected sun in the golfers' eyes.

[jump] When golfers suggest painting the robots black, a course employee responds "We did. And four of 'em didn't show up for work, two filed for welfare, one robbed the pro shop, and the other thinks he's the president."

Get it? Because black people are shiftless criminals? Get it? No doubt the 0.29 percent of Crystal Lake's population that's African American gets it.

The other residents of Lake Crystal -- who are 98 percent white -- are apparently divided over the story. Some people don't see what the problem is.

"Aren't people just taking little bit too serious?" one man on the street wondered.

Marben has since apologized for the column, explaining that he pulled the joke off the internet because he didn't have enough actual news to fill the space. The more this story unfolds, the more the Lake Crystal Tribune sounds like a must-read publication.

Here's the video: