#LadyInPink Alyssa Nelson is the sexy star of the Wild's huge Game 6 win [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

In the span of one Vine video, Nelson became everyone's favorite Wild fan.

In the span of one Vine video, Nelson became everyone's favorite Wild fan.

Late in the second period of last night's do-or-die Game 6, the Wild needed a lift. The hometown team had already blown a two-goal lead and weren't dominating play like they had for much of the series. It felt like they were on the ropes.

Then, the #LadyInPink happened.

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Don't know what we're talking about? Well then, we have just the Vine for you!

Moments later, #LadyInPink became a trending topic on Twitter, with the woman in question being identified as Alyssa Nelson (@SnowflakeNelson):

Nelson, for her part, seemed to enjoy all the attention.

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Here are some of Nelson's tweets from before, during, and after last night's game: According to her Facebook page, Nelson is a server at Hooters in the Mall of America:

Nelson is also apparently pals with Wild player Jason Zucker:

Will #LadyInPink end up making the trip to Denver for tomorrow night's decisive Game 7? Considering her very viral and very entertaining appearance happened shortly before the Wild took control of last night's game for good, let's hope so! After all, hockey is arguably the most superstitious of all sports, and Minnesota teams can certainly use all the good luck they can get.

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