La-Z-Boy comes after Minn. DWI motorized chair, auction restarts


The legendary DWI motorized chair used by a drunk Minnesota man as he tried to get home from the bar last month was racking up impressive bids yesterday, topping $43,000 with more than 12 hours to go. But then La-Z-Boy came after the police department, claiming the chair wasn't really an actual La-Z-Boy and couldn't be advertised as such.

The chair was removed from eBay for awhile Monday, but reposted under a new title, description and original asking price. Can the chair make it back up to $43,000 in the next three days?

More from the Duluth News Tribune:

Wobig said Proctor police posted the chair under the La-Z-Boy name because that was how it was described in media accounts, and police wanted people to know what they were bidding on. The chair received news coverage throughout the United States and overseas.

Wobig said he had a pleasant conversation with a representative of La-Z-Boy on Monday. He said La-Z-Boy didn't ask that the chair be removed from auction, but did ask that the company name not be used. La-Z-Boy's corporate counsel also contacted the News Tribune on Monday asking that it not use its trademark in future news reports about the motorized chair.

Wobig said the chair was custom-built and there are no markings or any manufacturer's name on it.

Check out the new auction here. Now the chair is going for under $2,000!