La Crosse Considers Buying Special Paint to Prevent People From Peeing on Parking Ramps

Hey, whatever works, right?

Hey, whatever works, right?

Sick of drunks pissing all over its three municipal parking ramps, La Crosse, Wisconsin is considering buying special paint designed to repel liquid right back where it came from.

City Council member Audrey Kader told city staff to look into how much the special paint would cost after hearing about how Hamburg, Germany used it to help clean up its St. Pauli party district.

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Hamburg showcased the new splashback paint in a video that went viral earlier this month.

"When they're clean and painted, they feel much safer and people will use them better," said Kader, according to the La Crosse Tribune.

Smelly, urine-stained walls might be the least of La Crosse's parking ramp worries.

The suggestion to look into the paint came as part of a larger discussion about ramp maintenance, because its Market Square ramp is dangerous and completely falling apart.

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