Kyle Wood, gay Wisconsin GOPer who said he was hate crime victim, made the whole thing up

Kyle Wood lied about being beaten up for his sexuality, the Madison PD says.
Kyle Wood lied about being beaten up for his sexuality, the Madison PD says.

There's been a Weird Wisconsin-worthy twist in the Kyle Wood story -- yesterday, Wood revealed that he made up his tale about being savagely beaten up last week at home by a man who he said told him, "You should have kept your faggot mouth shut."

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The Madison PD updated the police report to read: "In an interview [yesterday] afternoon with Madison Police detectives, the victim in this case recanted his earlier statements in regards to this crime."

More from the Isthmus Daily Page:

Captain Joe Balles, commander of the South District, confirms that Wood recanted his allegations of the beating.

Although he would not go into detail about the case, Balles said, "I updated that press release because I felt it was imperative we get something out there because of the politically charged background this was happening in."

He said that the department will do its "due diligence" and discuss with the district attorney's office whether any charges will be filed against Wood.

Wood, 29, has been working as a full-time volunteer for Republican congressional candidate Chad Lee, who will be squaring off against openly gay Democrat Mark Pocan in a week's time.

Queerty provides some analysis of this latest development:

Since this couldn't come at a worse time for Chad Lee, what with the [e]lection just days away and Pocan already heavily favored to win, who's willing to wage that [gay Republican group] GOProud will make a statement denouncing Kyle Wood as a liberal spy in the house of Lee who had planned to bring down that political machine from day one. Ten bucks, who's taking it?

The revelation also looks bad for Daily Caller, the Tucker Carlson-founded conservative news site that first reported Lee's story. For the second time in just over a week, the Caller has put a conservative spin on a story that didn't pass the smell test -- first with an expose linking Any Klobuchar and Tom Petters that one longtime Petters watcher characterized as "old rehashed stuff" and an "October surprise hit piece," and now with the original Lee story, which included a quote from GOProud's co-founder saying the assault reflects the "hate and vitriol directed towards a gay conservative from gay liberals," despite the fact there was never any strong evidence about the identity of the alleged assailant in the first place.

In the days after Lee first went public with the assault allegation, he provided another conservative news site with threatening text messages he said were sent to him by a gay Pocan staffer. Those text messages were addressed in an email sent to the Daily Page by Dan McNally, campaign manager for Pocan, even before the Madison PD announced that Lee's story was made up.

"These allegations are completely false," McNally wrote. "These text messages are fabricated and we've referred this matter to Madison police. We are currently in discussions with an attorney and intend to sue for libel or defamation." Indeed, the Madison PD confirmed the text messages, like the rest of Lee's story, were fiction rather than fact.

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