Kyle Arthur Milhaupt robbed a Dairy Queen with a bomb threat

Kyle Milhaupt is in a Dilly Bar of a pickle after robbing a Dairy Queen.
Kyle Milhaupt is in a Dilly Bar of a pickle after robbing a Dairy Queen.

Kyle Arthur Milhaupt's cool treats were definitely melting away when he came up with this one.

It was date night for Milhaupt and his fiance Kerri Nicole Bean, and -- since life is short -- he suggested that they get dessert first. Charming!

What Bean didn't know was that while she waited in the car outside of a Rosemount Dairy Queen, Milhaupt was inside threatening to blow it up.

He told staff that he had a bomb and was being forced to rob them. After they forked over the cash, he told them not to call cops for three minutes.

He probably should have asked for more time. They were found exactly three minutes away after wrapping the loot in Bean's undershirt and hiding it somewhere along the street.

This had apparently left them with no time to get their stories straight. While at first the couple said they'd been carjacked, threatened with guns and knives, and ordered to commit the robbery, Bean crumbled like Oreo cookie topping and admitted that they'd made the carjacking up.

She led cops to their hiding place, but by then most of it had blown away in a blizzard of cash.

Once Bean had cracked like so much candy coated soft serve, Milhaupt began screaming that he was guilty and should get a life sentence.

Milhaupt, it turns out, is not well. He's homeless and has been civilly committed several times.

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