Kurt Zellers says GOP-controled Legislature will wait for new governor

Kurt Zellers

Kurt Zellers

The day after the polls closed and it was clear the governor's race would stretch on ahead of a possible recount, we wondered whether Republicans would try and pass T-Paw-friendly bills, especially since Democrat Mark Dayton remains ahead in the vote count.

Today, incoming House Speaker Kurt Zellers said that won't happen.


In an interview with MPR, he said that kind of overreaching would accomplish little other than ticking off Democrats, and get the new legislative session off on the wrong foot.

"I think [it] would be a bad way to start the relationships," he said.

Once the new governor is in place, Zellers told Gary Eichten that his guiding priority for the Legislature's agenda will be bills that support generating private sector jobs.

We'll see how that goes. Social conservatives have already announced that they expect some payback for their help in electing the new Republican majority, in the form of a state constitutional referendum on banning gay marriage.

Zellers, ffrom Maple Grove, was elected House Speaker on Saturday. State Sen. Mary Koch, of Buffalo, was chosen at the new Senate Majority Leader on Friday.

The session starts Jan. 4.