Kurt Zellers blasts Dayton for suggesting people should just buy pot on street

Asked last summer if he supports medical marijuana, <a href="" target="_blank">Zellers said he doesn't</a>: "Other states that have tried it are seeing spikes in crime."

Asked last summer if he supports medical marijuana, Zellers said he doesn't: "Other states that have tried it are seeing spikes in crime."

During a private chat at the Governor's Residence with medical marijuana supporters earlier this month where the governor sounded a pessimistic note about medical marijuana's prospects this session, Mark Dayton did indicate there's still a way those who want it can get it.

Why, just buy it on the street! It's not like pot is super hard to find on the black market these days anyway, right? And even if you're arrested with some, the punishment is only a petty misdemeanor.

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But after medical marijuana supporters took umbrage with that suggestion, Dayton backtracked, saying in a statement: "I cannot, and I do not, advocate breaking the law. But as a father, I understand parents who would do anything possible to help their children."

Nonetheless, Rep. Kurt Zellers, R-Maple Grove -- one of the Republicans running to take Dayton's job this year -- took to Twitter today to blast Dayton for his conference call comments:
-- Kurt Zellers (@KurtZellersMN) March 27, 2014 Yesterday, Dayton breathed a little bit of new life into the medical marijuana issue, so perhaps those who want it to treat various afflictions will soon have a more reputable place to go than or their nearest seedy street corner after all.

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Here's video from a news conference yesterday where a mother who believes her child could benefit from medical marijuana details what the governor allegedly said during the aforementioned Governor's Residence meeting:

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