Kurt Bills' moribund campaign has Brodkorb, other MNGOPers wailing and gnashing teeth

Minnesota Republicans are only now realizing Bills has no shot?
Minnesota Republicans are only now realizing Bills has no shot?

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Kurt Bills is getting killed by Amy Klobuchar -- the latest polling has him trailing by 26 points -- and increasingly, he's also getting killed by Minnesota Republicans for running a shoddy campaign.

At the Freedom Dogs blog, Jeff Kolb characterizes Bills' decision to continue teaching economics classes at Rosemount High School while trying to unseat Klobuchar this fall as the last straw.

"For me, this is the capstone of a poorly run campaign, which should now be left on its own to wither and die," Kolb writes.

Kolb's critique echoes a recent post written by Michael Brodkorb on his new blog. The post, entitled "Memo to Kurt Bills: Time Is Running Out," takes Bills to task for an embarrassing showing in this month's GOP primary, where Bills only won 51 percent of the vote.

Brodkorb writes:

[S]ince you became the endorsed Republican candidate, your campaign has stalled and has completely disappeared from the political landscape in Minnesota. It has gotten so bad, that many Republicans believe that unless there are dramatic changes made to your campaign, your campaign will negatively impact other candidates running for office and could cause the legislature to completely flip to the Minnesota DFL and drag down other GOP candidates.

We'd argue Brodkorb himself is at least equally if not more responsible than Bills for potentially flipping the Minnesota legislature from MNGOP to DFL control this November, but that's beside the point.

Brodkorb blasts Bills for continuing to associate himself with Ron Paul. "You're running for the U.S. Senate -- you're not running to be Ron Paul's running mate... This is an election that will be about jobs and the economy and you can articular the issues important in this race without relying on talking points from Ron Paul."

Maybe Brodkorb still has more influence within the MNGOP than we'd think, because about a week later, Bills switched allegiance from Paul to Mitt Romney, saying during a news conference that Romney and running mate Paul Ryan "alone have the ability to beat Barack Obama in November and help America rediscover its conservative principles."

Bills also took Brodkorb's advice and has been very active meetin' and greetin' at the State Fair. That's all well and good, but as Kolb points out, it's hard to run a statewide campaign against one of the most popular incumbent Senators in the country when you're spending the first hour of each day riding herd on a bunch of high schoolers in Rosemount.

"It's clear that Kurt Bills can read the writing on the wall and knows he has no shot of winning this race. So he's doing the responsible thing and making sure he'll be able to support his family after November," Kolb writes.

"It's time that the rest of the GOP understands this. It's time to pull all resources from this race and re-deploy them to other races where we have a shot," Kolb continues. "Every dollar spent, every phone call made, and every yard sign placed for Kurt Bills between now and November will be wasted."

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