KSTP's Dave Dahl: Sun, not man, changes climate


The few (if any) people in the Twin Cities who watch KSTP know meteorologist Dave Dahl for his weather forecasts and his global warming skepticism. Well he's come out full force over at MinnPost and made his position clear: Sun, not man, causes global climate change.

In fact, according to Dahl, the earth has been cooling in recent years. If it wasn't for a very recent uptick in solar activity, we could even be headed for another little ice age! Take that, Al Gore.

Watch Dahl's video explanation over at MinnPost.

Dahl, as well as KSTP boss Stanley Hubbard, are known skeptics of the "global warming caused by man theory" largely accepted in the science world. Hubbard has even produced a documentary, according to The Rake, "suggesting 'global warming' is rank alarmism at best, and a hoax at worse."

And according to Minneapolis St. Paul magazine's Brian Lambert, other local weathermen have come out with their global warming theories. We doubt MinnPost members knew their membership dues would be paying for this sort of rhetoric.

We agree with Lambert: meteorologists should stick to local weather forecasts and stop distracting from the bigger picture.