KSTP wins access to 2008 Ramsey absentee, rejected ballots

Prompted by Al Franken's squeeky-tight recount victory over Norm Coleman in last year's U.S. Senate race, KSTP-TV requested access to all of Ramsey County's rejected and unopened absentee ballots. The county refused the request, the station took the county to court, and on Tuesday it found a friend in Judge Dale Lindman.

Lindman ruled that the ballots are a matter of public record, and said KSTP can have access to them.

Does that mean the election results could be in dispute again? Some of the rejected ballots remain unopened, and what they reveal is anyone's guess at this point. But the news is part and parcel of a seemingly never-ending battle over the disputed legitimacy of Franken's victory.

MinnPost has a copy of the ruling here.

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