KSTP U.S. flag police making Minnesota a better place


We've got a lot of problems in our state. Some serious problems. But what is at the very top of our list? Businesses selling U.S. flags from China! Go get 'em, KSTP!

KSTP did quite the exposé into businesses in Minnesota breaking the law by continuing to sell American flags made outside of the country. A 2007 Minnesota law made the sale of those flags illegal. How un-American! Terrorists, no doubt.

And wait till you hear this: They told Pier 1 they are breaking the law and they are STILL selling the flags from China! What has this world come to? KSTP says "the company" could face 90 days in jail for the crime. How does one jail an entire company, we wonder?

Thank you KSTP for keeping our state safe from illegal flags.

Check out the video report below. Try not to laugh.