KSTP defends ridiculous Favre chopper stalking

KSTP defends ridiculous Favre chopper stalking

Yesterday we pointed out the depressing state of Minnesota as KSTP watched Brett Favre's plane land, waited for him to exit the plane, and then stalked him by helicopter all the way to the Vikings Winter Park practice facility in Eden Prairie. Somewhere along the way our state must have forgotten that Favre is a 39-year-old football player that is tormenting us with his lack of decision making skills.

Anyhow, the Pioneer Press contacted KSTP about their live helicopter coverage of his arrival that at one point even interrupted normal broadcasting on their channel. And they defended it. That's embarrassing.

PiPress spoke to KSTP assistant news director Sam Zeff, who said the story totally deserved the coverage.

More from the PiPress:

"When we've got the only shot of Brett Favre in Minnesota, we're going to stick with that," Zeff said. "I think the coverage was interesting, and we had a lot of good information. This was something that people had been thinking about for a long time."

The station even interrupted "All My Children" with a live shot of Favre arriving at Winter Park.

"We've got the only video of Brett Favre arriving at Winter Park, getting out of the car, embracing Brad Childress' wife and going in to start his career as a Minnesota Viking," Zeff said.

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