KSTP anchor Jessica Miles says cops snooped on her house after looking up her private data

Jessica Miles and her husband, Cory Kampschroer.
Jessica Miles and her husband, Cory Kampschroer.

Two months after a "young, single" female KSTP producer sued Minnesota government agencies for alleged driver's license data snooping, KSTP anchor Jessica Miles is doing the same.

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Miles alleges that state officials illegally looked up her data almost 1,400 times, a number that the Star Tribune reports is believed to be the highest number of any litigant to file suit against the state so far.

But perhaps the most troubling aspect of Miles's lawsuit, which also includes her husband, KSTP digital news manger Cory Kampschroer (he alleges his information was accessed nearly 100 times), is what happened to Miles after her data was looked up.

Following the breaches, Miles claims her TCF bank account was hacked and her suburban home became the subject of police officers' intense curiosity.

From the Strib:

[Kenneth Fukuda, Miles's attorney] said in an interview that officers from different law enforcement agencies "monitored" Miles by driving past her house, and she believes they got her address through the illegal accesses. He said that she lives in a Twin Cities suburb where law enforcement vehicles in the neighborhood are otherwise infrequent.

If Brooke Bass's lawsuit against the state is any indication, Miles and her husband might end up seeking up to $14 million in damages. Fukuda serves as the lawyer for both women, and in Bass's case he said he planned to sue the state for $10,000 for each data breach.

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