Kristine Sellie-Hanson enters Fargo bar, swings her dog in air by leash, gets arrested

If dogs truly are man's best friend, then we'd hate to see how Kristine Sellie-Hanson treats people.

Sellie-Hanson, 27, was arrested early yesterday morning after swinging Buddy the Lhasa Apso by its leash in a Fargo bar. She was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, and resisting a police officer.

Sellie-Hanson's relationship with Buddy has all the hallmarks of a dysfunctional girlfriend-boyfriend relationship -- after she spent the night in jail and he spent the night in the a veterinary hospital, Sellie-Hanson told Fargo's WDAY that "Buddy wants to be with me, he is not like other dogs... the only reason I am with him is he chose to be with me." Right.

According to the Fargo Inforum, patrons at two bars in downtown Fargo called police to report that Sellie-Hanson was screaming hysterically and threatening to kill Buddy. She was spotted swinging the dog in the air by his leash and pulling his hair out.

Buddy was swung in the air by his leash, but thankfully unhurt.EXPAND
Buddy was swung in the air by his leash, but thankfully unhurt.

Said a Fargo policeman: "The biggest thing was swinging the leash around with the dog attached to the leash... very disturbing to the patrons inside and people came to the aid of the animal."

Once police arrived, Sellie-Hanson refused to follow their instructions. She was escorted out of the Empire and told not to return, but she tried to re-enter the bar several times before police finally got fed up and hauled her to jail.

Buddy, unfortunately, was reunited with Sellie-Hanson after she bailed out of Cass County jail. All we can say to him is hang in there, man. Even if it doesn't seem like it, there are lots of good women out there that would treat a cute Lhasa Apso with the respect you deserve. Don't get jaded, and oh yeah -- when Kristine starts drinking, for your own sake, either run away or play dead.

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