Krista Muccio, Inver Grove Lunch Lady, Charged With Sexting With 15-Year-Old Boy

Muccio, 41, exchanged naked photos with the boy over Instagram, according to the Dakota County Attorney

Muccio, 41, exchanged naked photos with the boy over Instagram, according to the Dakota County Attorney

According to the Dakota County Attorney, Inver Grove lunch lady Krista Muccio struck up a friendship with an eighth grade boy about halfway through the school year last year.

They began exchanging Instagram messages over the summer, and at one point Muccio sent the boy a picture of a woman in a bathing suit. Later Muccio ratcheted it up a notch, sending him "a close up of a female's genitals, a picture of a female naked from the waist up with no face in the photo and a third photo with a close up the female's backside wearing a thong." She told the boy the pictures were of her.

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Then Muccio reminded him sexting is a two-way street, asking for some dick pics in return. The boy obliged.

Muccio's relationship with the boy came to an abrupt end Nov. 29 when the boy's father decided to take a peek at his "Recently Deleted" folder on his iPad. The dad noticed the three nudies and called the cops.

The boy told police the pictures were from Muccio, who admitted using the Instagram handle Spartanmom8300 to chat with him. She told police she sent him pictures of "stuff online" and "girls in bikinis" and that he had sent her a picture of his genitals through Instagram.

Cops got a warrant for her social media accounts and phone and found a sexting conversation where she described how she would give him a blowjob and a picture on her phone of her breasts, with the note "[kid's name] morning xo."

Muccio has been charged with communication with a minor describing sexual conduct and possession of pornographic work involving minors. Both are felonies carrying sentences of 0-3 and 0-5 years in prison, respectively.

A voicemail left at Muccio's house was not returned and she deleted her Facebook and Instagram accounts. No mug shot was available because she was charged via summons.

This is just the latest sexting scandal to hit Dakota County. In 2012 a 26-year-old female student teacher was charged with sending sexts to a 17-year-old male student. Also in 2012, an inappropriate locker room photo reportedly made the rounds at Lakeville Middle School.

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