Kohl's pulls down its "Ghetto Fab" wig

This is ghetto?
This is ghetto?

The marketers who name Halloween costumes apparently slept through the cultural sensitivity part of their job training. Yet another major retailer is in hot water for an un-PC costume.

Kohl's has pulled a Halloween wig from its website after outrage broke out on the store's Facebook page over the name. "A "Ghetto Fab" wig for Halloween? Seriously, Kohl's?!," wrote one poster. "I find the term "ghetto fabulous" TASTELESS!"

The "Ghetto Fab" wig -- available in blond and brunette -- is a poofy little number with tight ringlets that is supposed to be slapped onto the back of one's head. The effect: Instantaneous ghetto-ness. Or just curly hair.

"I am in no ways 'ghetto' and neither is my kinky hair," wrote another outraged poster.

The Wisc.-based retailer changed the name to "Curly Wig" on its website, but then pulled it entirely and apologized.

"It in no way reflects the values of our company," said a Kohl's public relations VP.

Sears and Kmart followed suit, while it's still possible to take the PC out of your Halloween over at Amazon.

Target had their own little costume caper last year with their "Illegal Alien" get-up.

Kohl's pulls down its "Ghetto Fab" wig

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