Klutz discharges gun in a Fridley Target store

The gun safety rube and a woman he was with ran out of the store and left in a red/maroon car.

The gun safety rube and a woman he was with ran out of the store and left in a red/maroon car.

Holiday shopping madness can be a bit imposing. But so much so that one needs to pack heat at Target?

It’s hard to know why a fella was compelled to carry a gun during a Sunday shopping spree at a Target store in Fridley. Regardless, it likely scared the hell out of fellow shoppers when it accidentally went off.

According to WCCO, the clumsy gun-toter was near the checkout lanes when the weapon slipped out from his waistband where it was not-so-securely tucked. As it fell to the floor, the armed butterfingers tried to grab it, causing the gun to discharge in the process. The bullet bounced off the floor and hit the ceiling, fortunately hitting no one.

Not wanting to stick around — because he just SHOT A GUN INSIDE A TARGET STORE — the dude grabbed his piece and bounced with a woman. It’s unclear if the clumsy half-wit had a permit to carry the weapon, though either way he gets an F in gun safety.

A Target spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. However, Fridley cops are looking for a “white male and a woman,” so if you see any, size 'em up and react accordingly.

In 2014, the bullseye retailer “respectfully” requested that their valued guests in states with conceal-and-carry laws leave their guns at home. The move came after a gun control mom group launched a petition asking Target to instill a gun ban after Texas activists rallied for open carry laws by walking the aisles with assault rifles over their shoulders. Subtle.


At the time, Target said having guns in its stores didn’t jibe with the family friendly shopping experience it aims for, which makes sense unless you’re Michele Fiore.

[UPDATE]: The Fridley Police Department has released more info about the suspects, including a security camera image as they fled the store at 5:20 p.m. Sunday. While bantering with a clerk as they checked out, the two revealed they were on a 12- to 15-hour road trip. The brown-haired man was wearing a blue Adidas T-shirt underneath a black jacket and a grayish/greenish baseball hat. The woman wore a blue or black hoodie under a second gray sweatshirt, with dark-colored jeans and white tennis shoes.

Both are described as being in their late 20s and they fled in a red/maroon two-door car. Capt. Mike Monsrud says the gun fell down the leg of the man’s pants and it fired while it was near his ankle. The guy left limping as they ran out of the store, but the cops found no blood on the scene to suggest he was hit.

Anyone with information should call Fridley’s finest at 763-572-3629.