Klobuchar's future in comedy? You decide.

The national media can't seem to get enough of Sen. Amy Klobuchar's knee-slapping performance at the Washington Press Club Foundation dinner last night. We have to admit it took us by surprise. 


While we've given you some highlights of the jokes mentioned in some of the press coverage, now you can decide for yourself. Watch the video and give us your critique.

You can watch the clip


 Read the transcript


. She starts at the 36-minute mark.

Maybe it was the nerves, but we'd have to suggest that Klobuchar work on her timing. She could've gotten a couple more seconds of full-on chuckles if she wouldn't let the crowd hold the joke for a moment. It's all in the performance after all. 

Otherwise, bravo Klobuchar! You've done the state proud.

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