Klobuchar's advice in recount: Become her best friend

If Minnesota's Senate recount stretches into January and you are itching for a ticket to President-elect Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony, Sen. Amy Klobuchar should be on the top of your BFF list. She already should be, in fact, because the longer you wait, the lower you are on her list of potential ticket holders. Hurry up!

Klobuchar met with the Pioneer Press editorial board Monday and she was asked about what recount delays could mean when the next session of Congress meets Jan. 6.

"Then I can get all the inauguration tickets," Klobuchar replied with a smile. The Democratic senator said she has received about 5,000 requests for the several hundred tickets she has for President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration on Jan. 20. She plans to give most of them to members of the public.