Klobuchar tries to take texting-while-driving ban national


Blame Sen. Amy Klobuchar if a new law makes drive-sexting illegal when you cross into Wisconsin or other bordering states. Minnesota banned cell phone texting while driving last year and now Klobuchar is trying to make the law go national.

Klobuchar has announced her support for a bill in the U.S. Senate that would make it illegal nationwide to send texts or emails while operating a motor vehicle. The Minnesota law says it is also illegal to send texts even if the car isn't moving. Right now, 32 states don't have texting-and-driving bans, including Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

The Senate bill gives states two years to outlaw it or else they lose 25 percent of their highway money each year until their money disappears.

Recent studies have shown the dangers of sending texts while driving. "One study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that truck drivers face a 23 times greater risk of crash or near crash when texting than when not doing so," according to the Star Tribune report.