Klobuchar shocks the media world with belly laugh jokes

We have to admit we were wrong when we predicted Sen. Amy Klobuchar's likely disastrous evening of comedy last night at the Washington Press Club Foundation dinner. Apparently, she rocked the whole evening and had people belly laughing. Who would've thought? 

It looks like Klobuchar ended up giving up her plan to write the whole thing herself, but her routine got the crowd rolling. She even got a partial standing ovation at the end! We haven't found a video (UPDATE: We found it!) just yet of her performance, but we've collected some of her jokes below from various news articles on the dinner.

Politico: Klobuchar brings down the house
The Washington Press Club Foundation's dinner marks the beginning of the political prom season, when Hill seniors and freshmen alike get dressed and dolled up to toast, and roast, each other. The bar is pretty low for "entertainment" at these affairs, as it's tough to take good, hard shots at people you have to work with the next day. And there's a big difference, of course, between off-the-record funny and reporters-in-the-room funny. Last year, then-congressman Rahm Emanuel was as a guest speaker -- and really nailed it. 
But it turns out Sen. Amy Klobuchar is funny. Very funny. Bring-down-the-house funny.
And the jokes:
"I'd like to make this as short as Bill Richardson's tenure as Commerce Secretary. I raised $17,000 from ex-boyfriends -- true story! I know that is the record in the Senate, but in the house it's held by Barney Frank." 
Then she turned to the "great reporters? in this room -- all of whom got scooped on the John Edwards story by the National Enquirer." She promised not to be too rough with them, though, since "I'm all about protecting endangered species." 
"Typically a Republican and a Democrat speak at this -- you could have saved a lot of money by asking Joe Lieberman."
Washington Post: Klobuchar, a laugh a minute at press dinner
"This could be the first time Lou Dobbs tries to deport an entire newspaper," Klobuchar said about the potential takeover of the New York Times by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu. 
John Edwards' talk of "two Americas," she said, "turned out to be the best pickup line of all time." 
She even made fun of the Purple Tunnel of Doom Inauguration Day debacle in which thousands who came to witness history were instead frozen out. "So much for Democrats being against torture," she joked. 
She showed a slide presentation of her inauguration scrapbook, including a photo of Aretha Franklin in her famously fabulous, big hat. Klobuchar said it was a tough choice, but security clearly decided that rather than let another 50,000 people into the swearing-in ceremony "we'll go with the hat."
The Hill: Sen. Klobuchar steals show at Congressional dinner 
"I'm up here telling the jokes and Al Franken is going to be our senator. What's wrong with this picture?"