Klobuchar, McCollum on Franken Win


The good senator just released this statement, welcoming her new colleague to Washington, and commending Norm Coleman on his efforts as a congressman. 

From the office of Klobuchar:
 "I congratulate Al Franken on a hard-earned and long-awaited election victory. I welcome him as my new Senate colleague from Minnesota. "I respect Norm Coleman for what I'm sure was a very difficult decision.  He had the right to pursue a legal appeal, but he chose to do the right thing for Minnesota.  Norm was my Senate colleague for two years.  Although on opposite sides of the aisle, we often worked together on issues affecting Minnesota, in particular securing quick federal support for rebuilding the 35W Bridge.  Norm is a dedicated public servant.  As a Senator, he took to heart his duty to represent and serve the people of Minnesota.  I wish him the best. "I also thank my staff for their incredible work doing double duty for the past six months.  I am very proud of the work they did during a tough time."

Bet she's happy not having to work double-time anymore...

Meanwhile, over on the house side, Congresswoman Betty McCollum released this statement:

"The Minnesota Supreme Court has left no doubt that Al Franken won the 2008 race for the U.S. Senate and should immediately be sworn-in as Minnesota's newest Senator.  I am very pleased to welcome Senator-elect Franken to the Minnesota congressional delegation and I look forward to working with him on important issues, like health care reform and creating new jobs to get our economy back on track."