Klobuchar joins McCain on visit to Vietnam prison

Klobuchar joins McCain on visit to Vietnam prison

Sen. John McCain brought Sen. Amy Klobuchar along on his visit to the Vietnam prison he was held in for more than five years during the Vietnam War.

We would be just thrilled to tag along on this tour after McCain completely diluted his experience by talking about it nonstop in his campaign for president. We could pretty much tell you McCain's day-to-day bowel movements in the prison after hearing him speak on the campaign trail and use his POW status as an excuse for why he didn't know how many homes he owns.

Klobuchar is really good at pretending to be interested in McCain's ramblings. The hand-to-chin pose really proves it. We're sure the tour was actually quite interesting and would probably be much more so if McCain didn't use it as one of his top reasons for being qualified for the presidency.

More from AFP:

US Senator John McCain leaned over a miniature mock-up on of the Vietnamese prison where he was held for years as a wartime prisoner.

"I'm trying to figure it out," he said, studying the scale model on a return visit to the prison site that is now a museum.

Then he found the spot.

"I was in this block here... which we called the 'Thunderbird'," he told fellow Senator Amy Klobuchar. "And I lived in this block, which we called 'Desert Inn'."

She even managed to ask a question about his prison eating habits. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina was also on the tour.

During the trip, Klobuchar also met with the Vietnam prime minister to urge the country to allow U.S. families to adopt Vietnamese children.

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