Klobuchar has had tax problems too

Breaking news! Taxes are incredibly complicated and (GASP) even elected officials screw up once in awhile. 

The tax problems of senators and representatives have been under the microscope once again as several senators have been questioned about paying their personal bills to the government. Al Franken received a lot of criticism last year during the campaign when it was reported that Franken owed $70,000 in taxes, interest and penalties in 17 states. 

A Politico survey of all U.S. Senators shows that Sen. Amy Klobuchar also has had tax problems. Luckily for her, she loves the government so much she overpaid!

Here are Klobuchar's responses to the questions:
Do you prepare your own taxes? No. 
If not, who does? Her family has an accountant in Minnesota prepare them. 
Have you or the IRS ever discovered an error on a tax return you've filed? Yes. 
Have you ever paid back taxes? No. 
If the answer to either 3 or 4 is yes, please explain. The senator overpaid taxes in 2003.
And here are the details from Politico about survey response:
Last week, Politico asked the offices of all 99 sitting senators to say who prepares their taxes, whether they or the Internal Revenue Service has ever discovered an error on returns they've filed, and whether they've ever had to pay back taxes. 
Of the 56 senators who have responded to the survey, eight said that mistakes have been made on their tax returns, and six said they have paid back taxes. Thirty senators said that no mistakes have been discovered on their returns and that they've never paid back taxes -- at least to the best of their recollection. 
In 2007, Americans filed 135 million personal federal income tax returns. The agency received approximately 4 million amended returns that year, and it conducted 1.4 million audits. More than 1 million of those resulted in additional payments due, an IRS spokesman said.