Klobuchar grills Sotomayor


Public Radio sucks this week. The entire station has dedicated itself to the pontifications of senators, who between constitutional outcries, are trying to educate a Latino woman into how the "American people think." Maybe these senators, most of whom are white, upper class and excruciatingly boring (Franken), don't know how to talk to a Latina with an intellect bigger than all theirs combined. Then you have Amy Klobuchar.

Amidst the dry, often boring, non-sequiturs from Republicans and blow-jobs from Democrats, Klobuchar managed to squeeze in the issue of crime prevention, as in, preventing the possiblity of someone committing the crime by preventing the person from becoming a criminal.

MPR has the synopsis:

Sotomayor explained her comments, saying she believes that by the time criminal defendants end up in court, their lives have largely been shaped already. She stressed the importance of early childhood education and the role of parents in keeping people out of court in the first place."If you're waiting to do that once they're before a judge in court, your chances at success diminishes dramatically," Sotomayor said. "The success of our communities depends on us improving the quality of our education of our children and of parental participation in ensuring that that happens in our society."

For a few moments the hearing sounded almost grown-up.

But at the end, Klobo returned to small-talk, "Hey Sonia, did you see that Joe Mauer hit the game winning run? Didja? Didja? He's from Minnesota and a better hitter than Jeter."

Ugg. Time to change the station to 101.3 KDWB...