Klobuchar and Tinklenberg rid their political funds of Petters

Well it seems like millionaire Tom Petters is guilty before being proven innocent, according to some Minnesota politicians.

Minnesota Independent analyzed Petters' political donations this election season and gives a good break down. Petters is accused of a more than $3 billion fraud against investors in phony business deals. And at least two Minnesota politicians are tossing the dirty money to the first good deed that comes to mind.

Check out Petters' donation details after the jump.

According to MN Independent:

Petters has made $16,000 in political donations so far this election cycle. Among the recipients: Sens. Amy Klobuchar ($5,000) and Norm Coleman ($1,600), Rep. James Oberstar ($3,300) and Sixth Congressional District challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg ($500).

At least two of the politicians who received contributions from the disgraced businessman — Klobuchar and Tinklenberg — have given the money to charity. The $5,000 contribution to Klobuchar was directed towards her Follow the North Star Fund political action committee. “On the 30th of September the Senator had a check cut from her PAC to the American Red Cross,” says Tom Perron, who served as Klobuchar’s finance director during her 2006 campaign. Similarly, Tinklenberg’s campaign made a $500 donation to a fund set up to help victims of a recent apartment fire in Elk River, according to campaign spokesman John Wodele.

The Oberstar and Coleman campaigns did not respond immediately to calls seeking information about the contributions from Petters.

Maybe Coleman can use his donation to make a personal donation to his campaigning suits at Neiman Marcus. We all know he needs it.

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