Klobuchar against auto bailout

Klobuchar against auto bailout

Sen. Amy Klobuchar came out against the U.S. auto bailout today, after previously saying she was inclined to vote for it.

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler (known as Detroit's Big Three) are begging Congress for a $25 billion government rescue as the auto industry sputters to a stall. They say without the loans, their industry will collapse.

From the Associated Press:

She says that after hearing the testimony of auto executives on Capitol Hill this week, she concluded that the bill was "nothing more than a temporary fix." She says the chief executives didn't demonstrate that the money would solve the automakers' problems. The executives had warned that their industry might collapse without the loans.

Democratic leaders in Congress announced Thursday they were putting off a vote on the bill. Minnesota's other senator, Republican Norm Coleman, came out against the bill earlier this week.

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