Klingon-speaking dad makes Fark's top 11 weirdest stories of 2009

Klingon-speaking dad makes Fark's top 11 weirdest stories of 2009

When we blogged about d'Armond Speers' child-rearing experiment - in which he spoke only Klingon to his kid for the first three years of his life - we knew it was some pretty weird news. After all, Klingon is a made-up language and an instant identifier of deep-fried geekdom. It takes a unique individual to teach his kid how to speak it.

But we never dreamed that our post would be named one of's Top 11 Weirdest Stories of 2009.

For the uninitiated, Fark's a news aggregator founded by internet entrepreneur Drew Curtis, whose fascination with strange news stories (combined with an alleged large quantity of beer) moved him to found the site. Fark compiles the coolest, weirdest, and dumbest news from around the world, organized with (usually) humorous headlines. Forum threads are attached to each story, wherein Farkers argue politics, poke fun at the story's subjects, and troll and counter-troll each other.

Some of the comments attached to the Klingon story were pretty hilarious, but the first two posted to the thread pretty much sum up how the rest of the discussion (totalling 341 comments as of this writing) would go:

I've never been more proud to be a human being than I am at this moment. Humans can not achieve anything greater than this man. We have hit the pinnacle of brilliance.

He should be shot.

In light of such sophisticated discourse, we hope it's obvious that we are deeply honored to have our story named one of 2009's weirdest.

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