Klingon electronic dictionary born in Dinkytown


Image courtesy of As you said on Flickr

A local company has made a downloadable Klingon dictionary, just in time for the new Star Trek flick. Did you know, uh, that there are actually people who are fluent in Klingon?

Ultralingua, Inc., a Minneapolis software developer, produced an electronic version of "Klingon Dictionary and Conversational Klingon," an audio tutorial published by Simon & Schuster. The product can be downloaded to iTunes.

So now there are no excuses for going to see the Star Trek movie and complaining that you can't understand those bumpy-headed creatures.

Or, if you want more information, you could check out the Klingon Language Institute, where you can learn Klingon with a bunch of other Trekkies -- or as they prefer to be called, "Trekkers."

Warp speed!