Kitten for Sheriff urges CEOs to lock themselves up

Anyone remember the kitten that thought it could get more Facebook support than Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek?

Well, apparently the people behind this campaign have taken it pretty far. In addition to just trying to up its Facebook stats, supporters for the Kitten for Sheriff ticket held an event last week where they passed out campaign stickers. The feline candidate -- running for sheriff under the Kitten Obedience ticket, of course -- even has a Twitter account.

Today, the Kitten for Sheriff campaign sent out a press release announcing "Operation Litter Sweep" -- a jab at Stanek's call for fugitives to turn themselves in, announced by his office earlier this week.

Here's who the Kitten campaign thinks should turn themselves in to authorities:

  • Bank CEOs and other executives, especially those engaged in the theft of citizens' homes through foreclosures, accepting government bailout payments, and various financial scams.
  • Politicians from all parties who support war operations domestic and international, and steal funds to finance pet projects such as stadiums.
  • Crooked cops or anyone in uniform who arrests, kidnaps, detains, harasses, beats, murders, or uses other types of force against people.

Read the full jest press release at Twin Cities Indymedia.

And in case you're wondering, Kitten hasn't quite surpassed Stanek in Facebook support. As of now, Stanek's campaign has 343 "likes." Kitten has 262. Still, kind of impressive for a cat.

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