Kira Trevino's body found in Mississippi River [UPDATE]

Kira Trevino, pictured at left with her husband Jeffrey, was last seen on February 21.
Kira Trevino, pictured at left with her husband Jeffrey, was last seen on February 21.

-- Update at bottom --

More than two months after she disappeared, Kira Trevino has been found.

FROM MARCH: Jeffrey Trevino plotted to leave country after posting bail, prosecutors say

Her body was found yesterday in the Mississippi River, St. Paul police confirmed during a news conference this afternoon.

Police didn't disclose any information about her cause of death or where she was placed in the river, but they did say she was found on the south side of the Mississippi River near the Robert Street bridge in St. Paul.

Her husband, Jeffrey Trevino, was charged with second-degree murder in late February. Shortly after her disappearance, a copious amount of Kira's blood was found in the home she shared with Jeffrey, along with evidence Jeffrey attempted a coverup. His trial is set to begin later this month.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Kira's body, as you'd expect, was in very bad shape when it was discovered two days ago, according to court documents.

The Pioneer Press, citing the documents, reports that Trevino's body, which was found naked, had a head wound, a broken finger, bruising inside her lip and lacerations to her liver. It's unclear whether the injuries happened before her death or during the weeks upon weeks her corpse spent in the Mississippi.

A wad of duct tape was also found in her hair. According to the PiPress, the tape "could be linked to a roll of duct tape found at Keller Lake Park in Maplewood -- the site of many searches for Trevino's body -- that had fibers, human hair and a white animal hair [presumably from Trevino's white dog] stuck to it."

In the court filing, Ramsey County prosecutor Richard Dusterhoft said, "Taken together, the evidence indicates that Jeff Trevino violently murdered Kira Steger in their bedroom and concealed her body, which only two days ago was discovered and only yesterday was identified."

Investigators have asked for more time to analyze evidence from Kira's body, meaning the start of Jeffrey Trevino's trial could be pushed back.

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